Who We Serve

Through our grantmaking, capacity building, and volunteer coordination, PCF strives to serve youth, families, and seniors in Petaluma.



  • Help kids develop the skills to resist the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Encourage healthy choices for adolescents in the face of social and peer pressure that promotes at-risk behaviors
  • Provide a safe place for kids to be after school
  • Promote academic achievement, improved self-confidence and self-image
  • Provide mentoring for kids who will benefit from having another caring adult in their lives 


  • Help homeless families provide a safe, loving, and secure home for their children that breaks the cycle of homelessness
  • Provide free or reduced counseling services to families dealing with emotional and mental struggles
  • Improve nutrition and food security for low-income families



  • Help seniors to continue to live at home
  • Create quality affordable housing so that seniors may “age in place” with dignity and security
  • Provide financial assistance for low-income seniors’ basic living expenses, such as eyeglasses, dental work, and transportation to medical appointments
  • Offer in-home counseling for seniors suffering from grief, isolation, and depression